Full Name: "Chung Vĩnh Khang",
	Chinese Name: "楊永康",
	Skype/Yahoo: "vkhang_yang",
	Email: "chungvinhkhang@live.com",
	Alt Email: "vkhangyang@gmail.com",
	Facebook: "https://www.facebook.com/vkhang.yang",
	LinkedIn: "http://vn.linkedin.com/in/vkhangyang"


"Khang Yang is a full-stack software engineer who is passionate on techs. After working on several type of projects, playing different roles in different team, Khang believes that his knowledge is somehow helpful with community and want to share it through personal blog vkhangyang.wordpress.com"

Languages: [ {is_main:true, title:"Vietnamese"}, {title:"English"}, {title:"Chinese"}, {title:"Cantonese"}],
Exps: [
	time: "Apr. 2015 -- Oct. 2016",
	company: "Adinao Ltd.",
	position: "Technical Director",
	job_desc: [""]
	time: "Mar. 2014 -- Apr. 2015",
	company: "VinaDigital JSC",
	position: "Research and Development Director",
	job_desc: [""]
	time: "2013 -- 2014",
	company: "Hpt Vietnam JSC",
	position: "Software Developer",
	job_desc: ["Built 2 strategy product: Goal MGM, Performance MGM in role Product Owner",
		"Research and develop technical solutions: Business process, Data visualization,.. "]
	time: "2013",
	company: "VNO Solution Ltd",
	position: "RnD Engineer",
	job_desc: ["Research interactive advertisement solution using Ms Kinect"]
	time: "2012 -- 2015",
	job: "Freelance",
	job_desc: ["Outsourcing", "Reverse engineering", "Consulting", "Training" ]
Skills: {
	production_techs: [ ".NET Core", "MS Azure", "Wordpress CMS", "Fullstack JS", "AWS" ],
	rnd_techs: [ "LAMP/LEMP", "Android(Java)", "Rails" "MongoDb", "iOS(Swift)", "Xamarin", "Redis", "Docker", "ElasticSearch", "Bot framework"],
	business: [ "Talent management", "eCommerce", "Performance management", "Hospitality", "Logistics", "Education" ],
	am_interested_in: [ "WASM", "Google cloud", "Alicloud", "Blazor", "gRPC" ],
	skills: [ "DDD", "CQRS/EventSourcing", "Clean Architecture", "Multitenancy", "Serverless" ]
Educations: [ {
	school: "Open University of HCMC",
	grade: "Very Good (8.4 / 10.0)",
	award: ["Valedictorian", "Excellence Thesis"],
	achievement: "Bachelor of Science",
	major: "Computer Science",
	graduated: 2013

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